Natural Birth – The Basics for a More Relaxed Birth

Life gets busy. This is true. Remember. . .

This is one of the most amazing times in your life!

You want your birth experience to be one you can look back upon with happiness, and the
confidence that you prepared yourself and did what you could to give your little one the most
gentle entrance into this incredible world!

Join us for a 3 1/2 hour class covering the basics of natural birth. There will be discussion on the history of birth, the birth process and the stages of labor. Positions, comfort measures, birth plans and companion involvement are also integral pieces of the birth experience which will be covered.

There is also a piece on nutrition – healthy mom, healthy baby, healthy birth!

Upcoming Classes 

Fairfield, ME

Saturday November 18th ~ 2pm – 5:30pm

Sunday December 17th ~ 8:30am – noon


Tuition for a group class is $75 per couple

Private classes are also available and ONLINE CLASSES COMING SOON!

​Simply email or call 207-313-9156 to register!