Natural Parenting Teas


January 18th – The Role of B Vitamins in Fertility, Detoxification, Mental Health and Endocrine Balance
Dr. Corrie Marinaro, ND – New England Naturopathic Health

We all know that its important to take folic acid in pregnancy, but why?  Folic acid is one of the many B vitamins that play very central roles in biochemistry as co-factors.  When there are not enough B vitamins present, many of the biochemical reactions that keep us going throughout the day cannot occur and infertility, hormone imbalance, mental health issues and toxicity can become symptoms of deficiency.  Come and learn the roles of the individual B vitamins in creating optimal health and what your genetics might be able to tell you about which forms of B vitamins will be the most useful.


These are FREE events and are open to ANYONE open to LEARNING!
Meet with other expectant parents and birth professionals for our monthly Natural Parenting Tea!
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There will be homemade goodies and tea.