Once you get through your birthing class, breastfeeding class, new parent class, reading and researching on everything from first poops to vaccinations and back again – and then actually have baby – you are supposed to find this hidden village that everyone speaks of.  This ‘place’ or ‘establishment’, this means of keeping your sanity while you are running on empty physically & mentally as you work 24/7 to keep this new being healthy & safe.  Seriously, we could make a children’s book for parents on the topic.

And if… when I write this book… it will go something like this…


New baby entered the lives of their family – hooray!!!

Mommy did or didn’t breastfeed and she did or did not have problems breastfeeding – she still went to the breastfeeding group.  TO BE AROUND OTHER MOMMIES ☺

Mommy saw flyers and posts for story times and playgroups but baby was so new… would it make sense for them to go?  YES IT WOULD!!!  Where there are children, there might be baby siblings, and there will definitely be OTHER MOMMIES TO BE AROUND ☺

Mommy wanted to feel like herself again, mentally & physically.  But are there any groups or classes that she can bring new baby with her to?  YES!!!  Postnatal Yoga Groups – for MOM & BABY – they are out there.  Side note… you can MAKE YOUR OWN!  Contact a local yoga studio or even a library.  They have definitely been known to host workshops for parents and kids.  Finding a willing teacher with today’s technology should not be a problem.  There are also parent & baby swim groups at the Y and so many more cool events.  Go to them, and you WILL BE AROUND OTHER MOMMIES ☺

Mommy saw another event – for babywearing.  This is something she’s wanted to do, but oh my the carriers are SO LONG!!!  What do you do with all that fabric???  Yes, you can YouTube it… or you can go to the baby wearing group!  Where you will BE AROUND OTHER MOMMIES ☺  Once you become a pro at babywearing – do you still go to the group?  YES!!!  Why?  You got it!  To BE AROUND OTHER MOMMIES ☺

And mommy was happy ☺

Note to Mommy –

Seeing other mommies is great – talking to them is better!  Even if it is outside of your normal comfort zone, just do it!  The other mommies are just waiting for someone else to go first ☺


When your family welcomes its beautiful new addition, it is a wonderful, even magical experience.  And, it can be exhausting!  And frustrating.  And mind boggling.  You may find a sense of solitude that you may or may not have known before.  Human interaction is necessary to keep even a non-new parent on an even keel.  Yes, new parents need to find their village – and it is out there!  Yes, different groups will have individual flavors, but don’t stop looking until you find your people!  They are looking for you too.  And yes, daddy’s, grandparents and other guardians are welcome ☺