A key part to a healthy pregnancy & childbirth – is nutrition. Healthy mom, healthy baby, healthy birth. Here are some of the basics – and of course – do your research and talk to your doc 🙂

  1.  How much water are you drinking? Generally – if your pee is either very light yellow or even colorless – you know you’re getting enough water.  A classic rule of thumb is eight 8oz glasses a day – more or less depending on your size and the fact that you’re pregnant.  Another concept is half your weight in pounds would be the number you would drink in ounces. If you find that you’re drinking plenty and are still thirsty, you can add 1 tbsp of either apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to 8 oz of water. This helps your body to absorb the water more efficiently.
  2. What is your daily Omega 3 intake?  –  Now you may think this one is tricky – especially if you don’t like fish or eggs, and especially if you’re vegan.  Good news – Omega 3’s are also found in flax seed, flax seed oil, wild rice, eggs & walnuts!  You can also find it in canola oil & soybeans – I would HIGHLY recommend that you go organic if you choose either of these two options.  And of course you can find a supplement that fits your needs. Omega 3’s are great as they help with baby’s development – especially physically & neurologically.  They are also every day boosters – pregnant or not – as they boost the immune system and help to reduce inflammation.
  3. How much protein are you getting daily? – Expectant mamas should be getting about 75 – 100 grams of protein daily – and there are so many ways to do this!!!  Also, you can be anywhere from vegan to more of a carnivorous soul – you can still get plenty of protein!  Yes, you can eat lean meats, eggs, cheese & other dairy.  Also – lentils, nuts, beans, tofu, spinach(that’s right!), quinoa(yep this one too!) – there are just so many ways to get your protein in!  And it doesn’t have to be at one sitting – clearly 🙂 – you can snack throughout the day.  
  4. Fruits & veggies – yes that’s a thing too! – taste the rainbow expectant mamas – the rainbow of healthy abundance!  Each color identifies another amazing nutrient the plant holds for you – and with enough intake – these powerful choices can help you stay healthy & regular – yes – I am talking about that 😉

So yes – just a few quick tips to help you with your amazing upcoming birthing experience – as well as life in general.

Stay happy, healthy & hydrated 🙂