Let me just say – comfort is key.

And options. Options are also key.

And fuzzy slippers.

Y’know what… there’s some things here.

Now – if you’re birthing in  a hospital – you will have the option of wearing one of those amazing gowns. Just so we’re all on the same page – this is not mandatory. Optional – yes. Mandatory – no. That being said – some people actually LOVE those gowns and choose to wear them at every birth! They are pretty easy access wardrobes when it comes to the actual birthing phase 😉

So if you’re not necessarily down with the gown, just wear what you’re comfortable in. Shorts or sweatpants. T-shirt or tanktop. Sundress. Some people even wear their bathing suits – and that’s fine. It’s what makes them comfy. Side note – yes – dads sometimes get in the tubs too 😉

If you have on some sort of a dress it can be very much easier when the birthing time arrives! That being said, it can also make it a little trickier – but not unmanageable to bring baby skin to skin – if that’s what you’d like to do. There are some really amazing dresses that have a bit of a tube top rather than straps at the top. These can be super handy as baby is able to easily arrive, and then you can simply drop the top for skin-to-skin and/or breastfeeding if you choose. Super cozy & comfy as well as crazy functional. 

I also want to give a shout out the mesh panties that they have at the hospital, and you can order them online as well. They are AMAZING! So very comfy and super useful when it comes time to using pads after baby is born.

And finally… the birth scene can turn into a bit of a… well similar to strip poker. Mama might show up all dressed and ready to stay as proper as possible… and when birthing gets real… waves get stronger & longer… clothes can just sort of start dropping. Mom’s temperature can fluctuate during the labor & birthing phase and her possible concern of what other people may think can go right out the window – along with the clothes.

So that’s a little heads up on what it can look like. And as we know by now – everyone is going to do it differently – so make your own choice on what you want to wear – and as always – be sure to have options.